Primorpelli was founded in Castelfranco di Sotto, Pisa province, in 1989. The company produces and markets sheep-goatskin and bovine skins for men’s and women’s footwear, small leather goods and clothing companies. In 2005 Primorpelli transferred to its new, modern premises at Via della Querciola 31 in Fucecchio, with warehouses and administrative offices covering a surface area of around 1,300 square metres, and increased its fully paid-up share capital to 500,000 euro. The company was an immediate success on both the Italian and international markets. The high quality of the product, the price-quality ratio and its on-time delivery have quickly made Primorpelli an industry leader with a constant and considerable increase in turnover, confirming the company's professionalism and dynamic character.Primorpelli is proud to have some of the world's leading names in fashion as its customers. In our finished product warehouses, the goods are carefully selected by qualified personnel with over ten years’ experience who arrange the daily shipments.

Our customers can help select the skins in a special area dedicated to this purpose. A division whose market awareness is constantly updated is that dedicated to research into new articles and to anticipating fashion trends.The skins – approximately 40 articles produced in around 30 colours per product – are always in stock in our warehouse, allowing rapid delivery of samples and the completion of orders, even in considerable quantities, within just 20 days of receipt of the order. Special attention is paid to the use of toxic and harmful products that could be present in the finished product, and for this reason every product we use in skin transformation is supported by a specific safety data sheet.As an even stronger guarantee, however, our skins are periodically subject to strict chemical testing and, on request, a certificate is also released confirming compliance with Italian and international regulations (REACH) on such products.
In the year 2014 we got the ISO 9001:2008. In the year 2015, our brand has been registered in Italy and in international territory


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